Vide offers a unique approach for writing state-aware functions and composing them in a convenient and easy way. It is used for UI libraries targeting various platforms and technologies, streaming / DSP, workflow engines and perhaps more.

Get Started

Open-source at GitHub

Idiomatic Syntax

Vide provides usage of existing language comprehensions like if-else, for, or try-with seamlessly for your use.

Small Core

Vide's core library - including abstractions for web- desktop and mobile UI-frameworks - has less than 1000 lines of code.

A Common Basis

Use Vide's common approach to implement your own ideas - UI, signal processing, game development - imagination is the limit!

Web Development

Vide for Fable builds upon Fable F# to JavaScript compiler, and a prototype for investigating the use of Vide for WebSharper.

Desktop / Mobile

There is a running prototype for MAUI, and plans to provide a Vide API for Avalonia, Uno, and (maybe) WPF.

Signal Processing / Streams

LocSta is an early implementation of the Vide idea, focusing on providing convenient ways for signal- and stream processing.