Getting Started

Vide for Fable brings the idea of an idiomatic F# web frontend library to the Fable universe. It is made for building responsive and performant web apps, while providing a development experience focusing on code that’s writable, readable and predictable.


Vide for Fable relies on the F# to JavaScript compiler Fable, which requires both dotnet and node / npm. You need these versions:

  • Node 18 + npm 8
  • dotnet SDK 6

There are 3 major IDEs that have dotnet, F# and node support:

  • VSCode with Ionide extension
  • Visual Studio 2022
  • JetBrains Rider

Creating a Vide for Fable Application

In this section we will introduce how to scaffold a Vide SPA (Single Page Application) on your local machine. The created project will be using a build setup based on Vite.

Make sure you have the correct versions of the dotnet SDK and Node.js installed, then run the following command in your command line:

dotnet new -i Vide.UI.Fable.Templates

This will install the Vide for Fable templates that can be used for scaffolding new projects. You can can check the templates available by executing dotnet new --list:

Template Name                        Short Name           Language
-----------------------------------  -------------------  ----------
Vide for Fable (minimal) with Vite   vide.ui.fable.minimal   F#

Now it’s time to create a new Vide for Fable project:

dotnet new vide.ui.fable.minimal -n HelloVideFable

Now it’s time to build and run the project:

cd HelloVideFable
npm i
npm run dev

This will install all npm dependencies and also restore the dotnet tools, which is the Fable compiler for this template. After npm run dev, the Fable compiler and the Vite dev server watch the files changed on disk and do the hard work in the background for you.

The app can now be launched in your browser as shown in the console output.

Now have your first Vide for Fable project running! When you are ready to ship your app to production, run the following:

npm run build

Alternative: Include Vide.UI.Fable in your Existing Project

Instead of creating a new new Vide for Fable" app, you can simply add the Vide.UI.Fable NuGet package to an existing Fable project and start using it!