Vide is a principle following an idea:

Composing state-aware functions as easily as if they were just pure functions!

This idea is so basic that it supports various use cases that somehow deal with “changing values over time”. Probably, you came here because you are interested in programming UIs. This can be done with Vide, using one of the implementations described here like:

UI Development with Fable

Wanna use the fresh approach of writing web apps with F#, Fable and Vide? Then go directly here!


The basic idea of Vide is derived from Digital Signal Processing with F#, which was @SchlenkR’s submission to the F# Applied Challenge. If you are interested in the core concept of how Vide is working, this might be a good starting point.

Also, you can have a look at LocSta, which is an experimental F# library for describing signal flows using the Vide principle.